First of all, yes – it’s true, Little Trees is STILL medical sale only. Over 90 percent of all legal CA dispensaries have adult-use sales, but none in Calaveras County. Even California State regulators have contacted us wondering when that will change – seriously! In fact, many former cannabis doctors are now out of business, no longer available to issue and renew recommendations or answer patient questions.

Luckily, with the digital technology of “telehealth”, both medical patients and victims of outdated local laws alike can go online and communicate with a doctor and receive their recommendation within minutes. Even if you’re thinking “I’m purely a recreational user!”, if you use cannabis to de-stress, calm a headache, savor a meal, substitute for alcohol, or myriad other reasons, those all potentially qualify you for a California cannabis recommendation. And if your conditions don’t qualify with the doctor, you won’t be charged the recommendation fee.

The best and easiest online service we partner with is MMJ Doctor Online.
No video chat or phone call is necessary with this service!

Get $10 off with our code “CALAVERAS10OFF” to get the basic letter of recommendation for only $39. This process, depending on your level of expertise with the internet, should take less than ten minutes. You’ll need a picture of your government ID (saved on your computer or smartphone that you’re using) and a credit or debit card. Be sure to fill out the application truthfully and accurately and after completing the steps, a doctor will review the information and send your recommendation via email if approved. That’s it!

We hope this helps with the inconvenience of having to get a medical recommendation for a product that’s LEGAL for all adults over 21. Hopefully someday soon the Calaveras Board of Supervisors decides to update our 15-year-old cannabis ordinance!