Time Machine Preroll Pack [I] Slurty3 7pk 3.5g


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Brand: N/A

THC: 25%

Effect Type: Indica

Slurty3 is an indica-hybrid marijuana strain

bred by Purple City Genetics in Oakland, CA. The popular modern clone is a cross of Slurricane (Cowboy’s cut) x Gelato 33. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of Slurty3.

Every cannabis experience offers some form of time travel. The Time Machine story follows two brothers who, after receiving a cryptic message from the future, embark on a journey to save mankind with cannabis, traveling across all corners of the globe and through history exploring cannabis, its impact, and ultimately saving the future.

Time Machine Flower is…

100% Hydroponic Greenhouse cannabis100% sun-grown single-source smalls: no shake, no trim, no stems. Cultivated, Cured, Packaged on-site. Properly cured for 6 weeks to develop terpene aroma and flavor. The same flower found in California’s best-selling brand. Consistent – strains, price, supply, brand support, quality.