Sublime RYO Fuzzies [I] Indica Infused Pre-ground 14g


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Brand: Sublime

THC: 21%

Effect Type: Indica

Sublime’s Roll Your Own Fuzzies Infused Flower is pre-ground and ready for your next adventure. Take your favorite Fuzzies flower with you anywhere in this portable pouch and use jointly with friends. For use with paper, piece or pipe. The flower pouches come in three different sizes -3.5 grams, 7 grams and 14 grams – and three different strains – Indica, sativa, Hybrid. All come with 50 rolling papers so you’ll never run out.


Directions: Take a pinch and place directly in rolling paper or pack into a pipe. Light the appropriate end, inhale and enjoy.

Ingredients: Flower, cannabis concentrate, terpenes