Sitka Hash Infused Preroll [S] Lebanese Gold 1g


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Made with today’s lifestyle in mind, the Sitka® hashish pre-rolls offer our most convenient and accessible form of smoking hash.

This Lebanese Gold is mix of sativa varieties, personally chosen by the hashmaster for an uplifting buzz.

Experience its bold and complex taste and smooth mouth feel. Its aroma features bright, citrusy notes.

Insist on demanding farming and curing methods and quality controls that most consider excessive. That’s the starting point.

Working arduously until arriving upon the most delicious kief. Then carefully applying Sitka’s proprietary processes that protect the integrity of the terpenes and ultimately delivers a better flavor, full spectrum, with a richer and brighter finish.

To date, only Nick prepares the Hash. Only three keys exist, one for each of the founders, to the room where the hash-making magic happens.