Selfies Mini Prerolls [I] Violet Ice 12pk 3g


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Brand: Selfies

THC: 26%

Effect Type: Indica

Slip into daydreams or slumber with Selfie’s fragrant Violet Ice, a clear-headed Indica crafted from dense purples (the Northern Lights, Skunk & Shiva families). A hit of this floral delight relaxes the body and focuses the mind for a tranquil escape into intergalactic bliss.

Before SELFiES, we dreamed of a joint we wouldn’t have to put out, relight, or waste after a few puffs. Better yet, a convenient pack that would fit perfectly into our on-the-go lifestyles, without cramping our style. The idea formed: create the first functional, fashionable mini joint.

SELFiES by Heshies launched in Spring 2019 in California.