PUREXTRACTS Preserve Cartridge [S] Banjo 1g


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THC: 82%

Effect Type: Sativa

Preserve™ Cured Cannabis Cartridges™ feature single origin 100% cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. With Preserve™, we are taking a different approach allowing our cannabis to cure – unlike live resin products – so our terpenes can fully express themselves before we extract with precision. That’s how we get that True-To-Flower flavor and experience.

Boost x Tangelo Banjo’s sativa influence is strong, a euphoric head buzz being the first sign Banjo is taking effect. A fantastic cure for a bad mood and sour outlook, Banjo immediately lightens the atmosphere. Happy, mental energy can translate into inspired thinking, creative pursuits or social activities. You’ll feel chatty and joyful, free from stress and depression. Expect bright visual effects.