PUREXTRACTS Preserve Cartridge [I] Ghost OG 500mg


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THC: 82%

CBD: 0%

Effect Type: Indica

Genetics: OG Kush (Ghost cut)

Flavor/Fragrance: Gas/Pine/Kush/Lemon

Potential Experience: Calm/Euphoric/ Relaxed/Functional

Ghost OG is a clone-only cut of the original OG Kush. The legend suggests that this cut of OG Kush was possessed by OverGrow.com forum member “OrgnKid” back in the early ’90s, who shared it with another forum member known as “Ghost”, who then distributed it on to a few select individuals. This classic strain has all your favorite OG Kush characteristics, including powerful gas/fuel/pine aromas and flavors with a satisfying lemon undertone. Although this Indica leaning variety is great for a calm and relaxing high, it can also be known to produce a clear/functional effect at the same time.

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