PUREXTRACTS Preserve Cartridge [H] The MAC 1g


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The Mac (also referred to as “Miracle Alien Cookies”) began when the breeder Capulator crossed Starfighter with a Columbian landrace strain that he brought back from his travels in South America. According to legend, the seeds were accidentally left in Capulator’s pants pocket and made their way into the washing machine. Luckily his loving wife placed the soap covered seeds onto paper towels, where they germinated and appeared to be healthy. Sadly, shortly after being planted, all the seedlings died except for one male. This resilient male was the 15th to be planted and was rightly named “Miracle 15”. The breeder then crossed it with Alien Cookies, giving birth to the now widely loved Miracle Alien Cookies, also known as The MAC. This strain has all of your favorite cookie characteristics combined with additional earthy, floral, and sour citrus notes. Finally, with flowers often fully dusted in a velvety thick layer of white trichomes, this hybrid is one of the most impressive we’ve seen.