Pure Beauty [H] Spritzer 3.5g


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Brand: N/A

THC: 32%

Effect Type: Hybrid

With a complex nose that is both sweet and fruity (think bubblegum) with a nice bit of funk and a notes of grapefruit, this collaboration between Cannarado Genetics and Compound Genetics has it all. Frosty and colorful, with a purple blush, Spritzer has the look, nose and potency that makes it one of a kind. Can you grab some Aperol at the store?

Lineage: Runtz x Grape Pie x Mac

Our sustainability ethos also applies to our packaging. While we have to package our products in something, we try not to use too much stuff, especially plastic. Most of our packing is paper (as little as possible). We spent a year and a half perfecting a child resistant mylar bag that is made from plant starch and are pretty proud of this. We are not perfect but we are trying. We will never put profits over a clean and beautiful earth.