Proof Tincture [CBD] Pure CBD 1000mg


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Brand: N/A

THC: 0mg

CBD: 1000mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Proof’s Extra Strength CBD tincture contains 1,000mg of CBD, without any THC.

This is an ideal product for those who are looking for relief from CBD, but don’t like the feeling of “getting high”, or who are drug tested at work and are looking for a product without THC. Using cannabis-derived CBD, we crafted this in pursuit of our goal to have a full range of potency options to suit your needs. Get all the benefits of cannabis tested quality assured CBD without THC present.

Per dose (0.5ml): 33mg CBD & 0mg THC

Per bottle (15ml): 1000mg CBD & 0mg THC

Ingredients: Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil, cannabis oil.

All Proof products are vegan, sugar free, gluten free, and cruelty-free, made by hand in their small facility in Northern California. Proof is a woman-owned and operated company that believes in the medical and therapeutic qualities of their products. Their “compassionately priced” model works so that those who need their products the most can afford them. Proof lifts up the community around it through volunteerism, philanthropy, and by doing business with other like-minded folks. Support small businesses.