Pacific Stone Disposable Vaporizer [H] 805 Glue 1g


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The 805 Glue 1 gram All-In-One Full Spectrum Vaporizer contains a full gram of cured resin.  Cured resin develops the most complex and matured flavors that accurately reflect the real experience of smoking our premium cured 805 Glue flower.  Full spectrum extracts are derived from a single source strain.  This product is CANNABIS ONLY – no additives, modifiers, flavors or non-cannabis “botanical” terpenes.

These disposable vaporizers come charged and ready to use!  While not necessary, they can also be recharged as desired with a standard micro usb to ensure that you will always have sufficient battery power for the strength of the draws you prefer and for the entire duration of the 1 full gram of cured resin inside.

The devices are manufactured in a cGMP and ISO 9001 certified facility.  The oil touching components are tested and certified to applicable FDA CFR standards.  The mouthpiece is made from medical grade BPA free plastic.  All components are RoHS tested.  The construction is a stainless steel vent tube with a ceramic coil with a natural cotton saturation barrier.

Each and every device is tested post filling to ensure it reaches the consumer in perfect working order.

The oil quality is an ultra-low temperature non-volatile full spectrum extract.  The fats waxes are removed via proprietary ultra-low temperature winterisation and filtering process to maintain integrity of the full spectrum extract.  It’s true strain-specific extraction, each batch contains nothing but the strain being produced.  The biomass is supplied from a single source Pacific Stone farm with no added distillate.  Each vaporizer is tested 3 times during the extraction process: pre-extraction biomass test, pre-filling test and CA Cat 3 Compliance tested