Oakland Extracts Pax ERA Pod [S] African Dream 500mg


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Brand: Oakland Extracts

THC: 76%

Effect Type: Sativa

Sativa .5g Pax Era pod

Embodying the slogan ‘Terps from the Town’, Oakland Extracts was founded for the community. Born and raised in Oakland, founder Terryn Niles Buxton saw prices climbing with legalization and realized there was a need for people in Oakland to have access to quality cannabis at an affordable price.

As a Black-owned business, Oakland Extracts had struggled to raise enough capital to get licensed and stay in the game. But through a partnership with Jetty Extracts, Oakland was able to relaunch in 2020. Today, the company prides itself on fine-tuning a proprietary technique that allows for maximum terpene retention–that means never adding terps, THC or any other flavorings or additives.