Oakland Extracts Live Sauce [I] Sweet Kush 1g


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Brand: Oakland Extracts

THC: 70%

Effect Type: Indica

Sweet Kush is the potent daughter of Sweet Tooth and OG Kush. Citrusy and sweet, Sweet Kush tastes just like a lemon drop candy. Combining the best of both cannabis types, this hybrid provides both head and body effects. After the first taste, consumers typically experience a cerebral sensation. A few minutes later, body effects begin to dominate, relaxing muscles and easing pain. Sweet Kush consumers may feel lazy and sedated, making this a good after work or nighttime strain.

The essence of whole plant extraction. Our live resin is as close as you can get to the real plant experience without firing up some flower. Here at Oakland Extracts, we like to pair strains/cultivars together to balance both their flavors and effects, pulling the best of the live terps with the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in the fresh frozen plant.