Oakland Extracts Diamond Dust [I] Sweet Kush 1g


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Brand: Oakland Extracts

THC: 84%

Effect Type: Indica

These indica-dominant live diamonds Sweet Kush boast a very potent cerebral buzz, leading most users on a mental journey with a body that’s melting away aches and pains. Pressed into pretty and pure live diamonds, with a moderate THC %, these are prime for dabbing convenience and ready to induce most users with intense effects. The scent is both rich and stinky, like a tart cake, with a diesel and cookie like flavor and effects that creep in and take the user on a nighttime ride for a king, or daytime delight for those who want to be “brain dead” and relaxed for a while. Those users seeking full-body pain relief look no further, just be warned: this may knock you out and best to try in the evening when you have nothing to do.