Oakland Extracts Cookie Crumble [S] Legendary Lime 1g


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Brand: Oakland Extracts

THC: 73%

Effect Type: Sativa

Legendary Lime Cookie Crumble is a pressed sativa-hybrid crumble, heated and hardened into a bubbly “cookie” extract, with the finest GSC and “mysterious” Citrus and Fuel strain parents going into the mix. The result is a crumble that’s very inviting in every way- the aroma nudging your nostrils closer to a deep inhale, the burn just as brilliant and sparking sparkling sensations and mental stimulations in some users. Others and most will be met with a very active high, clear head and smooth uplift, with a little bit of that “sativa rush” to keep users on their toes. Best to try if you’re a fan of sativa and crumbles, in search of a new experience, but for those of you more sensative to THC and sativa our staff would recommend to avoid.