Nickel & Dime RYO [H] Cherry Creamsicle Preground 14g


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Brand: Sessions Supply Co

THC: 20%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Cherry Creamsicle | Hybrid | 14 Grams | Pre-ground & Ready to Roll

Genetics: Cherry Pie x Orange Creamsicle

This bud is infamous among users and non-users alike for its super creamy and vanilla cherry flavor that stays on your tongue long after you take a toke. The aroma is just as amazing, with hints of tangy bright fruit wrapped up in cream and sugar and topped with vanilla and a touch of earth. The Cherry Creamsicle high starts with a slowly building euphoric lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling completely relaxed in both mind and body. Pre-Ground Flower is whole flower that has been ground in an industrial marijuana grinder and sifted to remove stems. Pre-ground flower can be placed directly into any smoking implement, vaporizer, or turned into an edible form for consumption. Packaged with your time and convenience in mind.