Nasha Green Unpressed Hash [H] Grape Pancakes 1g


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Brand: Nasha

THC: 58%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Loose, granular resin with a sand-like consistency that tends to melt and clump together if left at room temperature. Can be easily sprinkled onto bowls or into joints for an added kick to your regular routine.

Cultivated by Happy Dreams Genetics a sustainable organic cannabis breeder that uses dry-farming growing technique.
Grape Pancakes is a cross of Modified Grapes x (London Poundcake x Kush Mintz 11) strains. This strain has earthy aromas of grape vine and sage and taste of a creamy, rich pancake batter providing a smooth and relaxing smoking experience that will leave you serene and stress-free.

At Nasha, we represent old school hash made a natural way, without the use of solvents. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality concentrate for the lowest price, maximizing the value for our customers.

Part of our mission at Nasha is to support our local farmers, promoting the resin quality that is unique to Humboldt, CA. We develop relationships with experienced and reputable growers; curating what goes into our hash. Together with the farmers, we study each cultivar to nurture the resin glands that will ultimately translate into the purest, most potent hash.