Maven R&D Line [I] Blue Agapē #9 3.5g


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Brand: N/A

THC: 32%

Effect Type: Indica

Blue Agape, an Indica cross of our Blue Lotus and White Runtz and the first strain we released through our Research & Development line, is a potent, hard-hitting strain with a memorable terpene profile. While two phenotypes of this new strain (#9 and #23) went head to head, our community favored #9, and we are excited to bring it into full production. Because of its high terpene content, this Indica offers a bold aroma, flavor profile, and unique and long-lasting high. Earthy, spicy, pine-forward notes experienced upon breaking the nugs apart are enhanced with every flavor-packed hit. Similar to its parent strains, Blue Agape offers a mellow, relaxing high that is both medicinal and enjoyable for recreational purposes.