Maven Preroll Pack [S] Orange Julius 5ct 2.5g


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Brand: Maven

THC: 27%

Effect Type: Sativa


Orange Julius is a sativa with its lineage traced to Orange Crush & Juicy Fruit and it has quickly become a very popular strain. Upon opening the jar, the aroma of this flower immediately resembles a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with just a hint of mint, and it has a sweet, zesty, and fruity flavor profile to match. Sweet and smooth notes of citrus upon inhalation are contrasted with earthy notes upon exhalation. These fluffy buds with pale green foliage, burnt orange pistils, and a frosting of thick trichomes provide a slightly psychedelic and uplifting high. Its energizing qualities make it a great choice for a daytime smoke while its relaxed effects are also great for decompression and soothing anxiety.

Five half gram pre-rolls per package