Maven Preroll Pack [H] Kiwi Sorbet 5ct 2.5g


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Brand: N/A

THC: 32%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Blueberry Skittles x Sherb Mints
Kiwi Sorbet, a hybrid cross of our own Blueberry Skittles and Sherb Mints, is a refreshing and delicious strain that is a sweet treat for all senses. Its dense, frosty, colorful nugs have an aroma reminiscent of fresh fruit and sweet cream with a flavor profile just as mouthwatering. Each hit packs a punch of flavor, with tangy and tart notes of Kiwi and fresh berries at the forefront of every inhale. Its high is uplifting, euphoric, dreamy, and lasts for hours on end. So whether starting the day with Kiwi Sorbet or winding down in the evening, this balanced hybrid will soothe the body and mind while providing the senses with a unique and memorable experience every time.