Maven Preroll Pack [H] Gelato Gas 2.5g


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Brand: Maven

THC: 28%

Effect Type: Hybrid

This cross of Skywalker OG and Gelato #33 has all of the signature traits of a classic OG. These dense and dark green nugs with deep violet hues interwoven display fuchsia highlights on the underside of its leaves, bright orange tightly curled stigmas, and glistening trichomes. It’s aroma is strong, piney, and reminiscent of diesel, complemented with minty and refreshing undertones. Gassy and Earthy flavors make for a bold and pungent experience, with a smooth and creamy smoke upon exhalation. An instant and uplifting head rush is followed by an overall buzzing sensation that leaves the body completely relaxed and at ease. This strain leaves the mind feeling creative and has the ability to enhance nearly any social situation.