Maven Preroll [H] Apple Frosting 1g


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Brand: Maven

THC: 32%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Every Maven pre-roll is packed with our premium indoor flower and natural unbleached rolling paper for a flavorful, consistent, and smooth smoke.

Apple Frosting bred by Happy Dreams Genetics is an Indica-dominant cross of Humboldt Frost, Humboldt Gelato BX3, and XXX OG. This strain produces well-structured purple nugs with hints of fuchsia that are covered in a layer of delicate, pale orange stigmas and resinous trichomes. Its aroma and flavor profile is gassy with piney and sweet undertones and a fresh, fruity finish that lingers even after your last exhale. This strain’s qualities are dynamic and provide a balanced high that is sure to elevate your mood while also relaxing your body and relieving it of any tension.