Maven Live Sauce [H] Sour Lemon Skywalker 1g


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Brand: Maven

THC: 80%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Maven was founded with one goal in mind: to breed and cultivate premium and exotic indoor cannabis of the highest quality.

This sativa-dominant hybrid, derived from our very own Sour Lemon Mac and Skywalker OG, has a golden honey-like consistency and texture with a strong citrus-forward nose. Sweet notes of fresh lemon with subtle undertones of pine are experienced upon opening the jar as well as with each hit. Its aroma and flavor profile are complemented by a high just as refreshing and uplifting, with an energizing cerebral buzz and tingling sensation that eventually melts down the body into a state of relaxation. Mental stimulation and physical relief work together to create a balanced hybrid experience with sativa-dominant effects keeping things light and exhilarating.