Maven [I] Vantablack Smalls 14g


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Brand: N/A

THC: 31%

Effect Type: Indica

Vantablack is a dynamic and vibrant Indica cross of Fried Applez and our Black Diamond X. These buds are rich in color with deep violet hues and contrasting orange stigmas, all beneath a sea of frosty white trichomes. Its peppery nose intensifies upon breaking these nugs apart, with sweet, floral, and funky notes that are truly highlighted upon inhalation. This flavor profile packs the potent punch of its parent strain Black Diamond X and ends with a sweetness reminiscent of Fried Applez. Its high comes on almost immediately, with a calming euphoria that rushes through the body, then relieves physical pain, tension, and stress. While the physical state is immersed in a deeply relaxing and comfortable state, the mind remains focused, alert, and energized. Vantablack’s stunning appearance, flavorful palette, and balanced range of effects offer a truly blissful experience for the senses every time.