Lost Farm Chews [H] Watermelon w/Gelato Live Resin 100mg


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Like all fabled realms, Lost Farm isn’t a place, it’s a conviction- a belief that propels rare seekers onto unknown paths on an endless drive for perfection. For Kiva, it’s a vision that the perfect strain and the ideal edible lies just within reach.

Lost Farm immortalizes the intoxicating allure of a fresh cannabis plant at harvest and transforms it into an amber nectar known as “live resin.” Capturing all that’s typically lost during the drying and curing phases, this process creates an ageless expression of the plant that true enthusiasts will treasure.

Harmoniously combined with fruit flavors that enhance each singular strain’s unique appeal, the result is full-sensory, ultra-fresh, and extra-strength chews and gummies. Though perfection may seem near, remember that true victory lies in finding what is lost, not in keeping it. May the search continue.

This Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Wedding Cake and Watermelon Zkittlez is characterized by its sweet, fruity, and floral flavors atop an earthy, spicy background.

Playing off the fruity, floral flavors of the strains Wedding Cake and Watermelon Zkittlez, this fruit chew boasts a juicy, melon flavor with fresh cucumber notes.