Lit House [I] Modified Grapes 3.5g


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INEAGE: GMO x Purple Punch

TASTE: candied Grape enveloped in a cornucopia of garlic, umami, and gas

HIGH: effortlessly relaxed, clarity layered with comfort

PROFILE: in the unassumed pairing of mutually-heralded GMO and Purple punch parent strains opposites attract. Sweet is matched with savory. Hardy nugs feature a minty green and rich eggplant color mapping with a thick pelt of trichome fuzz. Modified Grape’s eclectic sensory identity alludes to the acclaimed high. It’s a strain that rewards the refined pallet, presenting the unique opportunity for full and confident indulgence without sacrificing acuity and proficiency.

AWARDS:2022, 2021 Emerald Cup – Flower

2020 High Times Cannabis Cup – Flower