Liquid Flower CBD Relief & Repair: Single Use Packet


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Brand: N/A

THC: 5mg

CBD: 21mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Liquid Flower CBD Relief & Repair includes a potent amount of CBDa/CBD producing long lasting anti-inflammatory effects for pain relief and a wide array of skin healing properties.​

Like Liquid Flower Original, we designed CBD Relief & Repair using an infusion of whole-plant raw CBDa dominant cannabis in whipped shea butter. This unique process allows for the maximum extraction and use of the cannabis plant’s full-spectrum healing properties.​

Both Liquid Flower Original and CBD have shown amazing results without producing psychoactive effects, despite having transdermal properties.

Key Features: Absorbs Quickly Without Feeling Oily, Can Be Used As Skin Care/beauty Product, Gentle, Great For Skin Conditions, Fast Pain Relief, CBDa Dominant, Great For Face & Body Use, Natural Sunscreen, Calming & Pleasant Aroma, Whipped Body Butter, Non-comedogenic, Anti-aging, Transdermal, Fights Inflammation