Liquid Flower Body Butter [THCA/THC/CBD] Deep Relief Salve 2oz


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Brand: Liquid Flower

THC: 453mg

CBD: 66mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Quick and effective deep pain relief in minutes with no psychoactive effects. Liquid Flower ‘s “Deep Relief” is made from whole, organic and all natural ingredients.

Increase your mobility and experience relief from numerous ailments including deep pain and menstural cramps. Studies have shown the ingredients to cause “apoptosis” cancer cell death.

Designed to mimic the fatty acid content of the skin, and aided by the terpene b-Caryophellene and other powerful essential oils, Deep Relief has been carefully curated to penetrate deep into the skin allowing for maximum relief of inflammation, pain and more.

Due to the oils chosen for deeper relief, this is an “oilier” product which spreads very easily and takes a little longer to absorb. For best results, apply on cool dry skin, can be reapplied intermittently to target area for deeper relief.