King’s Garden Badder [H] Road Trip 1g


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We recommend you use this strain if you desire a fantastic balanced high. Happiness & laughter are effects of Roadtrip. These dense Cookie buds with an OG aroma offer a stony & euphoric high. Relaxation & inner peace. This is a highly prized strain by the First Cut Farms crew.

Every plant we grow is slow-dried and cured for 14 days in a strictly controlled environment untouched by human hands. This guarantees the flavor, terpenes and stickiness you expect. Every bud is harvested by hand by our team of 100+ expert trimmers to ensure its trichomes are never damaged and that each bud and unique strain maintains the exact size and shape nature intended. Not surprisingly, this process takes more time. And more money. But nothing is worth more. Because once you discover the quality and consistency of Kings Garden, anything else becomes just anything else.