Kin Slips Sublingual Strip [CBN:CBD] Shut Eye 50mg


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Brand: N/A

THC: 2mg

CBD: 50mg

Effect Type: Other

Steep Hill, a renowned cannabis research facility, asserts that “of the known cannabinoids, CBN appears to be the most sedative.” They also add that 2.5 to 5mg of CBN can have the same sedative effects as a mild pharmaceutical (5-10mg of diazepam, to be precise).

CBN works in synergy with CBD and Δ-9-THC, and in the right amounts can be an effective sleep aid for 5-6 hours.

Shut Eye is a soothing combination of 5mg CBN and 5mg CBD.

Shut Eye provides deep restorative sleep without the sleep aid hangover experienced with so many other products.

Kin Slips was founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs hell bent on reimagining cannabis and developing the most efficient products possible. Our commitment to providing the best cannabis experience began with our sublingual strips—a revolutionary infused product that is discreet, reliable, all-natural, and that heightens the way cannabis is used in everyday life. Beyond the quality of our product, we intend to inspire trust in the science and benefits of cannabis through meaningful conversations and education at the community level.