Kikoko Little Helpers Mints – Focus 3:1 CBD:THC


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Brand: Kikoko

THC: 40mg

CBD: 120mg

Effect Type: Other

Tiny botanical mints packed with microdosed cannabinoids, vitamins and plant adaptogens. Designed to keep you on task without a high.

About Kikoko:

Frankly, we’re sick and tired of the pursuit of profits being the cause of dreadful decision-making when it comes to the health of the planet and of the human body. Plastics, toxins, pesticides, chemicals—they’ve just got to go. So we’ve decided to do our part, and here’s how:

We use the finest of everything: Organic, non-GMO whole-plant herbs, teas and flowers. Artisanal New Zealand Manuka and Kanuka honey. Outdoor cannabis that is grown using organic or biodynamic farming methods.

All of which means our products cost a little more. Plants that are free from toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are simply more expensive.