Himalaya Original Cartridge [S] Jack Herer 500mg


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Brand: Himalaya

THC: 85%

Effect Type: Sativa

Flavors: Pine, Citrus, Wood, Skunk

This high-potency Sativa with classic Jack flavor is sure to pack a punch. It’s uplifting qualities will have you energized and ready for the day.

A journey through the Nepali Himalaya – the highest place on the planet, where cannabis originated millennia ago and still grows wild today – inspired us to reach higher in other areas of life.  In this spirit, we founded HIMALAYA in 2015 with one simple goal: create the purest, most authentic cannabis concentrates on the planet.

Today, HIMALAYA continues to handcraft naturally potent cannabis oil that delivers the authentic flavor and effects of cannabis flower. We partner with small family farmers throughout Northern California to source the finest sun-grown cannabis. We then carefully extract and refine it ourselves to ensure authenticity and quality.

HIMALAYA is proud to donate a portion of every sale to support efforts to protect the Snow Leopard and other endangered Himalayan wildlife.