Higher Canna-Corn [S] Uplifting Chile Limon 10mg


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Brand: Higher

THC: 10mg

Effect Type: Sativa

Our Chile Limón Canna-Corn Kernels are dangerously delicious. They are tossed in our canna-oil and baked to perfection with a mildly spicy chili flavor and subtle lime finish. At approximately .3mg/kernel, they are a great micro-dosing option for our lower dose consumers out there.

The concept of Higher began 20 years ago when Donna started making her own edibles in the Prop 215 days. Donna has served in the Army, successfully battled cancer, and suffers an ongoing knee issue that has progressed into multiple surgeries. Through these stages, she found that her body felt the least amount of pain and inflammation when she ate clean and stayed away from heavily processed sugars and flours. Due to the lack of tasty, gluten-free edibles in the market, Donna began creating her own clean edibles that she could enjoy with her family. Donna’s edibles demonstrate that you don’t need to compromise flavor to create a healthy product. Together with her daughter Kirstie and sister-in-law Jenni, Donna was able to bring her vision to life and create Higher Edibles! We are all so excited to share this journey with you.