Halara Live Diamond Sauce Cartridge [S] Cherry Kush 1g


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Brand: Halara

THC: 83%

Effect Type: Sativa

A cross between Purple Afghani and OG Kush, Cherry Kush is a very potent indica-dominant hybrid that has become very popular with medical patients in the SF Bay Area. Sometimes called Cherry Pie, these flowers range from a bright, vibrant green to a darker, purple-tinged red color, and boast a dense coating of trichomes. The flavor is reminiscent of cherries with a woody, hashy undertone, and the high starts out as stimulating and cerebral before fading into a deep feeling of relaxation.

Minimally processed, no additives, no distillation.

Single strain, entourage effect, weedy flavor.

Fully ceramic cartridge, optimized for your vaping experience.

100% Live Resin. Fully ceramic cartridge 0% bullsh*t.

For the connoisseur in you. Each cartridge starts with fresh cannabis and extracted at sub zero temperatures to preserve flavor. We carefully blend the diamonds back in to retain that full terpene spectrum you get from each and every Halara product.