Habit Infused Chillum [H] Skunkcello 1g


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Brand: N/A

THC: 41%

Effect Type: Hybrid


The Habit Chillum is packed with 1 full gram of cannabis excellence. An all glass design holds over double the concentrate of a standard infused pre roll, offers bigger, more potent rips and burns perfectly every time.


The elimination of the need for a wrap offers more purity in flavor as there is no burning paper to inhale.


Habit Chillums are ultra potent (45-50%+), and will last even seasoned veterans quite a few sessions. The silicon cap makes the chillum super simple to extinguish and store in pocket or purse for later.


Feel free to keep and reuse this super convenient piece once the flower is gone. The chillum is easy to clean, super portable and can be kept packed in a pocket or purse with the silicon cap for quick and easy use on the go. Otherwise, recycle it and go get another.