Glass House x F/eld Infused Preroll Pack [S] Hazy Dayz 5pk 2.5g


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Known for its potent energizing effects, Hazy Dayz is perfect for any sativa lover. As you puff away on this infused pre-roll, aromas of bright citrus and funky florals float over your palate, leaving you wanting more. The classic uplifting high starts with a euphoric build, filling your mind with a buzzing energy that fortifies you with a sense of creativity and a touch of focus so that you can do anything you put your mind to.

In the 1960’s, Dutch Farmers arrived in the Carpinteria Valley and quickly recognized its ideal climate for growing flowers. Here in the fertile soil and plentiful sunshine of the Central Coast, they grew flowers that were too delicate to import from their native Holland, bringing a familiar beauty to the region. Today, we harness the perfect coastal environment of Carpinteria to grow another kind of flower, and in doing so, we aim to continue the region’s history of bringing joy from the earth to consumers across the state.