Glass House [I] Golden Gas 3.5g


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Brand: Glass House

THC: 27%

Effect Type: Indica

Much like the golden ticket, this frost-covered cultivar is a rarity—and you’ll feel like a real winner after just a few tokes. The cerebral euphoric effects instantly lift your mood while the sedating body high will have you lounging around, completely content from head to toe. Day or night, you know you’re in for a treat as soon as the sharp funky, skunky notes hit your nostrils.

Our eighth jars contain the signature flower our reputation is built on. Grown in sun-powered greenhouses, our hand-selected cultivars are nurtured using environmentally sensitive techniques such as integrated pest management and water recapture. Our flower is hand-trimmed and sealed for freshness. Choose from our full spectrum of strains, from Sativas to Indicas, all crafted to deliver an exceptional high.