Foxworthy Farms [H] Pancakes 3.5g


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Brand: Foxworthy Farms

THC: 32%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Foxworthy Farms aims to combine Music, Art and Cannabis into one immersive experience, and is partnering with DJs and artists to create collaborative products. Rich and sticky layers of sweet maple syrup and berry-like flavors engulf your senses. The β-Myrcene lowers the resistance across the blood brain barrier enabling other active ingredients to be more effective. A high quantity of Limonene and β-Caryophyllene give this stain an incredible flavor and powerful physical relief.

Strain: Pancakes
Breeder: Cookies & Seed Junkie Genetics
Cultivator: Foxworthy Farms
Genetics: London Pound Cake x Kush Mints

Description: Heavy Hybrid

Mental: Psychoactive

Physical: Calm

Flavor: Earthy, Citrus, Skunk