Forbidden Flowers [I] Midnight Thorneberry 3.5g


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Brand: Forbidden Flowers

THC: 25%

Effect Type: Indica

A cross between ‘Devils Johnson’ and ‘Hell’s Fire OG’, Midnight Thornberry was bred specifically for Bella. It’s an indica heavy strain with a high potency, perfect for relaxing and melting away the stress that comes from a demanding schedule.

Thorne, a modern-day renaissance woman, teamed up with Glass House Farms and Glass House Group to curate an exclusive line of Cannabis products. Forbidden flowers aim to be sexy, cheeky, and an embodiment of her free-spirited nature. She is authentic, raw, and has historically loved the medicinal properties of the plant. Bella, a former Disney star, has come into her own and has developed proud ownership of all her business ventures, Forbidden Flowers being the one closest to her heart. She has been consistently involved in all aspects of the brand – spending months perfecting packaging to sampling strains to make sure her hand-picked strains goes into the jars. The actress, director, best-selling author, musician, and now a cannabis entrepreneur wants to educate her 22.5 million devoted fans and followers while offering them the same high-quality cannabis that she enjoys in her daily life.