Flow Kana Infused Preroll [I] Tahoe OG x Triangle Kush 1g

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Brand: Flow Kana

THC: 27%

Effect Type: Indica

One gram 100% sungrown infused pre-rolls offer a hard-hitting, out-of-this-world effect for those who like flavorful pre-rolls with an emphasis on potency. Made up of craft flower from Flow Kana’s independent farmer network, paired with Caldera’s premium live resin extract, this cross-brand collaboration is our response to people who want more out of their pre-roll — with higher potency, better taste, and more diversity of cannabinoids and terpenes.

With 85% craft flower and 15% Live Resin sauce, get a feel for what The Emerald Triangle is all about — clean, sungrown cannabis that tastes delicious and takes pre-rolls to another level.

Flow Kana is the first sustainable, sungrown cannabis brand to embrace and represent California’s Emerald Triangle and its family-run, small-batch, independent farm ecosystem. The brand empowers, and gives scale to, premier craft farmers in Northern California and “powers” values-aligned brands who honor righteous farming practices. Flow Kana proudly represents “The California Way” as a pioneering, mission-driven, values-based lifestyle brand.