Flavor Live Resin Sauce [H] Fruit Lato 1g


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Brand: Flavor

THC: 66%

CBD: 0%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Sale! Through June 13

Fruit Lato is an energizing hybrid with an amazing fruity scent and taste.

Flavor was brought to life in response to a demand from dispensaries for a consistent supply of clean concentrates at prices their everyday customers could afford while meeting the expectations of concentrate enthusiasts, quickly establishing itself as the best-selling wax in California. The Flavor team pheno-hunts the best trim and smalls scouring California’s best farms from Humboldt to San Diego, which is then extracted using state of the art technology. With a wide variety of strains consistently being released and offerings including crumble, shatter, live resin sauce, and live resin sugar, California has become Flavor Country.