Emerald Sky [H] Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies 100mg

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Brand: Emerald Sky

THC: 100mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Infused with 10mg of famed Northern California Cannabis, each cookie comes individually wrapped. Perfect for taking on the go, while ensuring freshness and dosage control. Slip a few of these in your pocket and you’ll be ready for anything the day may throw at you! Hybrid effect and vegan.

Emerald Sky has assembled a team of dedicated and passionate professionals working together to bring to you world-class confections, infused with world-class Cannabis. We currently produce licorice, gummies, peanut butter cups, and hard fruit drops. Our candy manufacturing team has over a century of experience making sweets, with our origins dating back to 1902. We never use artificial ingredients – artificial colors and flavors are banned from our products. We infuse our products with famed northern California cannabis, sourced from growers within the Emerald Triangle. Every batch is tested for potency, via third party lab testing. All of our products test 100% pesticide free. Our Advanced Proprietary Micro-dosing Technology allows us to control the accuracy of our formulations, so that you know exactly what you are buying and consuming. We are proud to be a Bay Area edibles manufacturer.