Elefante Vegan Gummies [H] Pineapple Strawberry 100mg


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Brand: Elefante

THC: 100mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Why is this Pineapple Strawberry Gummy so amazing?

We use only natural organic ingredients; no artificial anything!

Vitamin C helps reduce health risks and may help lower blood pressure.

Citric acid metabolizes energy and enhances nutrient absorption.

Turmeric provides pain relief and fortifies the immune system!!

Elefante Inc’s award-winning gummies contain carefully sourced THC distillate with all-natural ingredients. Using only plant-derived colorants and flavor extracts, their mouth-watering soft chews pack a gentle punch without any of the usual chemical additives found in conventional candy. The resulting gummy is packed with Vitamin C, contains no bitter cannabis aftertaste, and delivers tastebud-tickling mood elevation.