Elefante Vegan Gummies [H] Orange 100mg


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Brand: Elefante

THC: 100mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Why is this Orange Gummy so amazing?

We use only natural organic ingredients; no artificial anything!

Vitamin C helps reduce health risks and may help lower blood pressure.

Citric acid metabolizes energy and enhances nutrient absorption.

Wild orange oil is highly effective mood booster and antioxidant!!

Elefante Inc’s award-winning gummies contain carefully sourced THC distillate with all-natural ingredients. Using only plant-derived colorants and flavor extracts, their mouth-watering soft chews pack a gentle punch without any of the usual chemical additives found in conventional candy. The resulting gummy is packed with Vitamin C, contains no bitter cannabis aftertaste, and delivers tastebud-tickling mood elevation.