Dr. Raw Balm [THC] Relax 3.75oz


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Brand: Dr. Raw

THC: 200mg

CBD: 10mg

Effect Type: Hybrid

Made with all organic shea nut butter, organic virgin coconut oil, sunflower derived tocobiol (vitamin E), organic eucalyptus oil and organic lavender oil, Dr. Raw’s simple approach to a topical cannabis balm provides soothing, calming relief to local areas on the body. Expect to feel the effects in 15-30 minutes.
The Relax formula is for those seeking a magical, sensory experience through it’s high THC formula, 20:1 THC:CBD. Enjoy a deeper state of relaxation with a touch of mental & physical euphoria. The Relax Formula is ideal for those seeking pain relief or help sleeping the whole night through. Because of the euphoric effects of this formula, start with a small dose and increase as you feel comfortable.