Dime Bag Cartridge [S] Lemon Cake 1g


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Brand: Dimebag

THC: 74%

Effect Type: Sativa

Lemon Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Lemon Skunk and Cheese. It offers a jolt of sativa energy that tapers into full-bodied relaxation. This buzzy strain may also manifest as a jittery feeling in the arms and legs. Mentally, smokers will Lemon Cake can be valuable for introspective solo time, provided that consumers veer away from excessive self-criticism. Such a cerebral mindset can serve as a good way to focus on complex professional tasks or as a fun accompaniment to otherwise mundane activities like cleaning. Some physical relaxation creeps in on the backend of the high, grounding any early mental effects and allowing users to sink into a mellow and stress-free mindset.