Crashbone Infused Preroll [I] Blue Diamond / Modified Grapes 1g


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Brand: Hashbone

THC: 33%

Effect Type: Indica

Blue Diamond is a mostly indica strain bred by BioQueen genetics. Although its exact parentage is unknown, Blue Diamond descends from an indica-dominant hybrid and inherits a hashy, earthy aroma.


Modified Grapes is a  slightly indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent GMO X Purple Punch strains. Known for its super fruity flavor and heavy-hitting high, Modified Grapes is a great choice for any hybrid lover who appreciates a slight indica lean in their bud.

CrashBone is our new line of premium infused pre-rolls that take it up another level by adding crumble for greater potency and flavor which will enhance your cannabis experience. This robust mashup includes HashBone’s legendary artisanal hash-infused pre-roll with a kick that features a unique blend of top-shelf flower, ice water bubble hash and high THC crumble- making CrashBone one of the most unique experiences you can have with an infused pre-roll in California!