Coastal Sun [H] Kombucha 3.5g


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Brand: Coastal Sun

THC: 26%

Effect Type: Hybrid

From one of Coastal Sun’s favorite breeders, Symbiotic Genetics, comes a truly masterful cultivar that’s a must try! Kombucha, a brilliant cross between Sour Diesel and Purple Punch F2, is just as unique and yummy as it sounds. Frosty purple nugs are bubbling over with aromas of spicy diesel and grape skins, creating smooth and delicious smoke that leaves a pleasant, kombucha-like aftertaste. The effects are well balanced, offering perfectly mellow vibes and an optimistic outlook. Safe to use anytime of day.

On our central farm in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, we use two main styles of cultivation: Regenerative Soil Farming in the full sun gardens, and Bioponics (organically growing in containers) in the greenhouse and blueberry gardens.

Both styles focus on building a rich community of microbiology, which boosts nutrition uptake and creates healthy, phytonutrient rich plants.