Blank Brand [S] Notorious THC 3.5g


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Brand: Blank Brand

THC: 22%

Effect Type: Sativa

Originally bred by Humboldt Seed Company, Notorious THC is a connoisseur’s and cultivator’s delight due to its high THC levels and high yields.

This Indica leaning hybrid is a cross of Ghost of Bon Humboldt, Caramel Cream, and Humboldt Frost. Just like its name suggests, Notorious THC can produce untypically high THC levels, so it is highly recommended to start low and slow with this strain. Sought out by those looking for a stony and sedating experience, fans of this strain choose to consume Notorious THC for lounging around or lazy weekends.

Its scent is kushy and earthy, with a floral and fuel undertone that carries over into its taste when smoked or vaped. This could be attributed to the terpenes Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, and Linalool that are dominant in Notorious THC.

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