Blank Brand [H] Don Carlos 3.5g


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Brand: Blank Brand

THC: 22%

Effect Type: Hybrid

The Don Carlos strain stems from Blackberry OG and Humboldt Sour Diesel genetics. Its aromatic buds radiate with sour, fruity, and diesel notes, and bloom in hues of purple and green. A hybrid with well-balanced effects, Don Carlos provides an uplifting and ethereal high that’s great for any cannabis consumer.

Blank Brand is a Santa Cruz county based cannabis company. We pride ourselves on making the highest quality cannabis products for the absolute best value to our customers.

We source our cannabis from small family farms and all the ingredients we use are are from consciously operated companies. Creating quality products is our primary focus and we never sacrifice product integrity for shiny packaging, more profits, or the marketing budget. At Blank, we choose to let our products speak for themselves.